12:45 pm
I love when my couples invite me to shoot in their homes- I can’t get enough of it. There’s something so sweet and personal about being in their space and photographing everyday life. Michelle + Tim made pancakes and harvested their little urban garden, toasting with champagne to celebrate their engagement. I’m a fan of all these things. xo


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12:50 pm
So many things I love about this: Rani is one of my dearest friends who I’ve known since my very first day in college. (She loved me through my flare jeans and flip flop phase, and I am forever grateful.) I had the privilege of being a guest at Rani + Ryan’s Footloose-inspired, glitter-infused wedding, and we did a day-after shoot around San Francisco to commemorate all the celebrating. Hashtag how did I get so lucky.



12:50 pm
My dear friend Amy and her sweet fiancé Adam recently got engaged, and we kicked off the celebration with an engagement shoot around Los Angeles. I can’t get enough of these two. Counting down the days til their wedding. xo


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com


1:00 pm
 Heather + PJ are the kindest and loveliest people, and I was so honored to photograph their wedding at the gorgeous Maxwell House. Pasadena was in full bloom- you’d hardly know it was winter. Just another reason to love California. xo



10:12 am
I recently got to team up with the very talented Emma, who conveniently happens to be one of my favorite people in the world. Emma knitted an incredible piece through Wool and the Gang, and we took some photos in her San Francisco studio to show the sweater off in all it’s Icelandic glory. (My skill level doesn’t extend beyond sewing  on buttons, so I am in awe.) You can read her post on Emmadime, and see our feature on Wool and the Gang here!


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com

9:22 pm
Linnea and Evan are my kind of people: hilarious, easy going, and willing to try anything once – which is especially lucky on photo shoots! We started at their home in Echo Park, then drove out to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed to play in the desert. They did it up right with sparklers + streamers, and we celebrated their engagement until sundown. xo



1:00 pm
Thrilled to share that Sally & Ian’s SoDo Park wedding was published in Seattle Met Bride & Groom’s Winter // Spring 2014 issue! All the lovely details from their day were put together by the very talented Nicole Haynes over at Herban Design Studio- such a dream team. Thanks to the kind folks over at Seattle Met for the feature, and of course to my fabulous couple for sharing their day!



1:00 pm
I am SO excited to share this post. (!!!!!)

Earlier this year I met with photographer + educator extraordinare, Ben Sasso, who encouraged me to spend some time re-envisioning my brand. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for my old logo, but my voice and vision have expanded over the years and I really wanted my branding to reflect that. Enter Tyler Eide, graphic design genius, who has known both me and my business for years and was able to create a fresh + totally accurate design for me. (Fun fact: Tyler also designed my EP cover back in 2011 and totally rocked it.) I am so stoked on the final result- I love introducing a secondary color to my brand, and my logo feels like it grew up with me.

We made a few other changes including my email address, which is now hello@marissamaharaj.com and my official business name, which is Marissa Maharaj. (The URL is still the same! www.marissamaharaj.com)

Hooray for a new year ++ new branding! Hugs and high fives to everyone who helped make it happen.


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com

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Promo Cards || Printed Locally
Buttons || Pure Buttons
Stamp || Etsy

10:00 am
I’ve had an incredible season- one that surprised me, challenged me, and encouraged me to keep pushing and growing. I shot some of my favorite weddings, engagements, and personal work this year, and I’m so grateful for those clients who trusted me and became friends. I don’t know if there’s anything better than that.

Throughout the year I’ve been keeping a little post-it note of things I’ve learned- some photography related, some life-related. Thought I might share a few with you:

Vanity Fair is the perfect in-flight magazine. If you put off your dentist appointments for two years, your inevitable reunion will be unpleasant. Everyone you meet knows something you don’t- find out what it is and learn from them. Read books you don’t agree with, and surround yourself with people who think differently than you. Do your research before you shoot. Take time to plan. Do work that excites you, that isn’t commissioned, and is entirely for yourself. Don’t throw a lobster dinner party if you’re allergic to shellfish. Seek out constructive criticism- don’t be afraid of it. Find a good hairdresser, therapist, and dry cleaner- these things are all necessary in your 20′s. Keep an “Idea Dump” book and take time to revisit your thoughts- don’t let your ideas go to waste. Use your social media platform- whatever size it may be- to share your voice and speak about what’s important to you. Taco Bell is no longer a good option. Don’t overwater plants. Give freely. Ask why. Call home.

Thank you to all my wonderful couples and clients, and to my faithful blog readers who encourage me and follow along on my journey. Cheers to you. xo


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com

11:18 am
Brooke Baker is an amazing designer + art director (who also happens to have one of my very favorite Instagram feeds) and just recently moved to Seattle. Brooke and her adorable pup Crosby let me peek into all their favorite corners for my At Home series, and I asked her to share some thoughts about decorating her space and what home means to her:

“To me, home is a special place — a place for rest, a place of creativity, a place for friends. After traveling around for work for 6 months in San Francisco, Austin, and New York, I’ve finally been able to make myself a new home in Seattle.

I saw my new place as a blank canvas and with that, I chose to create as many custom pieces as possible. I decided to use copper and raw wood as my main materials and used them when I could. I also wanted to surround myself with plant life. Having plants around you makes you happy and I swear by it. Stock up Seattle, winter is coming.

My decorative style is inspired from many things, but mostly people and experiences. When I look around my apartment I’m constantly reminded of places I’ve been and the people I love. At the end of the day I find myself happy with my new home and proud of the things I was able to create.”

Our shoot was also featured on Need Supply- head over there for some more interior goodness!
Thanks for sharing your space, Brooke. xo


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com