9:00 am
It’s always such an honor when someone who’s also in the industry asks me to photograph their wedding, and when Stephanie from Wedding Party reached out I was absolutely thrilled! Stephanie + Ian are tying the knot just outside of Seattle, so we decided to explore some iconic PNW forests and cliffs for their engagement shoot. These two have the biggest hearts and their joy is absolutely contagious. Can’t wait for their wedding at the Robinswood House this summer!


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com



2:49 pm
So happy to see Brooke’s home tour in print in Germany! Some beautiful spreads in COUCH Magazine.



9:00 am
The past year is hard to fit into a category, to quantify or to label. It wasn’t crazy-busy or exciting in its entirety. Oftentimes, yes. But other times it was quiet and slow, full of the wonderful but mundane in-betweens that we so carefully avoid on Instagram. (Guilty.) There were moments of energy and intensity, hard work and little sleep, challenge and reward. There were hours upon hours of editing in my fuzzy socks, with quesadillas and podcasts as my daily bread. And there were moments of true and incomparable joy, like when I held my tiny, 6 lb niece for the first time, or when Tyler knelt down on a cold day in June and asked me to be his wife. This year was many things. And I’m glad it was.

High up on my 2014-grateful-list are my clients who trusted me, who were kind and patient, who believe that good art takes time and is always, always worth it. Thank you for not caring if your dresses got dirty. Thank you for exploring new places with me, and for pushing yourselves to new comfort levels. Thank you for making sure that I ate dinner, for group hugs at the 8th hour, and for sharing some of the kindest words I’ve ever heard and read. I couldn’t do this job without you.

Along the way I managed to pick up one (or eleven) new tricks. Sometimes it takes a quarter century before you find true relief from dry lips. (Feel free to skip if you’re not interested in homemade crunch wrap supremes and the like. No offense taken.)

New Discoveries:

AAA app //

One night, post-wedding, Meghan and I were stranded in a small mountain town in the snow, because car trouble always happens to tired, hungry people. She whipped out the AAA app and I had never been more grateful for technology in my entire adult life. It’s now right up there with the Chipotle app.

Homemade Crunchwrap Supremes //

Someone posted this recipe-hack on Facebook and our lives have never been the same. It’s a new Friday night tradition, which I feel much better about than our previous Friday night tradition of ACTUALLY going to Taco Bell. At least we’re using real meat, people.

Rosewater face spray //

My skin is too sensitive for most moisturizers (see exceptions listed under Travel Favorites) so I started spraying this Rosewater + Glycerin when I feel dry. Super hydrating, and no vengeful breakouts.

Gin Martinis //

This was the year of the 5 o’clock cocktail. And that cocktail was a gin martini.

Travel Favorites:

Doterra Essential Oils //

Yes, I’m one of “those” now. But only because it’s AWESOME. Lavender + peppermint on my neck for headaches. Digest Zen on my tummy after questionable airplane food. Cypress on my legs for circulation. It is real, and it is good.

Eye De-puffer //

Because it feels like a giant cucumber on my face in the best way.

Kiehls Lip Relief //
I’ve been searching for the perfect airplane lip moisturizer and THIS IS IT.

First Defence Nasal Spray //

Sadly I can only find this stuff in England so I get it online because IT WORKS and I’m a germaphobe slash ain’t nobody got time to be sick.

Egyptian Magic //

One of my favorite makeup artists introduced me to this magic salve and now I rub it all over my face + skin anytime I’m air-bound.

Editing Go-to’s:

Serial PodcastRadio Lab.

Jump Roping //

I was looking for a noncommittal way to exercise in between editing so I bought a jump rope. Sorry downstairs neighbors, gotta get that heart rate up.

In my Fanny Pack:

I wear a fanny pack on shoot days. It keeps me humble.
In it you’ll find an assortment of nuts, rosebud salvebusiness cards, and my pelican memory card case.

So here’s to you. Here’s to the art we made. Here’s to another year of highs, lows, and glorious in-betweens. I raise my martini glass in your general direction.


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com


9:50 am
I was so thrilled when Natalie and Casey asked me to photograph their wedding at the Carmel Mission. I love Spanish-style everything, and the romantic dinner party that followed was the cherry on top. Two thumbs way up for these beauties and their wonderful day.


www.marissamaharaj.comHooray!_1817cwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com


Dress: Pronovias
Ceremony Venue: Carmel Mission 
Reception Venue: Gardener Ranch
Event Coordinator: Michaela Caul
Floral Design: Big Sur Flowers
Catering: Paradise Catering


9:50 am
Ojai is a magical place to get married. Hannah and Jay chose Lake Casitas as the background for their gorgeous wedding, where everything was in full bloom and bursting with color. Their day was marked by laughter, stunning details, so much dancing it was unreal, and the warmth of family, friends and the California sun. Thanks to my lovely second shooter Jordana for assisting me, and to clients like Hannah and Jay who make this work feel like play.


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comHooray!_1795www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com


Venue: Lake Casitas
Event planner: Jessica Kuipers, Bijoux Events
Invitations: Designed by Jay Judah
Dress: custom design
Shoes: David Tutera
Suit: Z Zegna
Hair: Jennifer Blanchard, Andy LeCompte Salon
Make up: Happy
10:00 am
Brooke and Tyler are two of the best humans ever. We did a mini session shortly after Tyler’s proposal, and later shot a sweet engagement session in their Seattle home. Today marks their one month of wedded bliss, and I’m celebrating with a blog post. Cheers, kids!


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com


1:00 pm
Caitlin and Apollo celebrated their wedding in such a special way.  They invited their family and friends to hike with them to their wedding site- a waterfall in Oregon- and their loved ones circled around them as they exchanged vows. After the ceremony they toasted with champagne and cupcakes in the gorge before hiking out. I can’t say enough how incredible it is when couples are thoughtful about the type of celebration that  best represents them. It was so evident that Caitlin and Apollo had thought through what mattered to them, and their day was absolutely incredible because of it.


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com Hooray!_1537 www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com



1:00 pm
Meet the Hackworth’s: some of my all-time favorite people to photograph. Katie and her precious family let me snap some photos of them in their beautiful home, which is always such a treat. I can’t believe how big their girls are getting- it’s been so special to document the different phases of their growth over the years. These are sweet times.


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com


1:00 pm
Suzy and Ian exchanged vows in Lake Tahoe, surrounded by gorgeous pines, mountains, wildflowers, and their dear ones. It was the perfect setting for their beautiful dinner party and celebration- elegant, sweet, and nature-inspired.


www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com www.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.comwww.marissamaharaj.com


Event Planner: Summit Soiree
Dress: Allure Bridal
Brides shoes: J. Renee Chrissy
Grooms suit: Giorgio Armani
Floral Design: Martha Bernyk
Caterer: D’Lish Catering




2:34 pm
A favorite frame from a recent wedding on a blueberry farm. Always love it when my couples steal away for some of that soft, golden light.